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The WOWing Spirit

Inspiration is our calling

WOWingthe art of inspiring. Creating that one magical moment that makes the difference.

In an increasingly digital world, we believe all the more in the power of real encounters. Wherever brands, people and products come together, we ensure that the encounter is a special one.

Especially impressive. Especially moving. Especially efficient. Whatever the goal you are pursuing.


We create the WOWing effect that turns contacts into brand fans through

  • impressive orchestration
  • lasting activation
  • intelligent evaluation

We offer expertise gained over 37 years of experience – as a successor to the former TRO Deutschland, WOWing is the answer to the complex demands of our time.

WOWing is faster, better and more effective when it comes to successful concepts for the presentation of your product or brand at the POS or POI.

What sort of "WOW" are you looking for?



WOWing Faces

Meet the team

Our team players are as different as the projects we work on. After all, only those who see things from different perspectives can grasp the whole.

Armin Kröll

Armin Kröll

Specialist for: Creative ideas
Biggest WOW moment: When my wife said "yes"

Nicole Florschütz

Nicole Florschütz

Specialist for: Events, Trade fairs, Conferences, Congresses, Incentives
Biggest WOW moment: The birth of my son

Moritz Stanzel

Moritz Stanzel

Specialist for: ProjectWOWagement
Biggest WOW moment: The first time I walked through Venice Beach

Alisa Trötscher

Alisa Trötscher

Specialist for: The Google Zukunftswerkstatt / Online Marketing Trainings
Biggest WOW moment: When Eintracht Frankfurt became DFB Cup champion

Johann-Hinrich Nagel

Johann-Hinrich Nagel

Specialist for: Generalist
Biggest WOW moment: When I look into my wife's eyes

Jannik Bucher

Jannik Bucher

Specialist for: Getting involved in technical matters
Biggest WOW moment: When I saw my first project go live

Miriam Kamp

Miriam Kamp

Specialist for: Team support
Biggest WOW moment: My personal experience 1995

Isabell Dollase

Isabell Dollase

Specialist for: Project management and personnel management
Biggest WOW moment: When the last few campaign days have been completed and the project is slowly coming to an end – and you realise that the stress was worth it

Zrinka Schaefer

Zrinka Schaefer

Specialist for: Recruitment
Biggest WOW moment: „my daughters first screams & when the croatians „nearly“ won the world cup.

Sascha Sauer

Sascha Sauer

Specialist for: Business development manager
Biggest WOW moment: A bike, a mountain and great weather


Taking responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

WOWing is part of the world's largest and most important initiative for responsible corporate governance:
UN Global Compact

That means we stand for the protection of international human rights, the elimination of discrimination and greater awareness of the environment.

WOWing is among the TOP 4% of all companies audited by EcoVadis within a sector!

In 2018 & 2019 we were awarded silver ratings in the environmental responsibility, labour conditions & human rights, fair business practices and sustainable procurement strategy categories.


Was uns wichtig ist

We are honest and fair
We respect each other
We seek the dialog
We practice critisicm
We strive for more
Wie celebreate courage
We bring out the best in each other
We are successful
We lead by example


Know-how trough experience

Where WOWing comes from

While our name may be new, our experience and history stretch back a long way. It goes without saying that we use the expertise gained over many years and across many projects in WOWing Experience GmbH, too. Not only in the form of knowledge, but especially through our staff.

  • 1982 PPD Marketing Services GmbH, one of the first sales promotion agencies in Germany, is founded
  • 2000 It is taken over and renamed CPM Germany GmbH
  • 2011 TRO Deutschland GmbH (Experiential) is spun off as the German office of the international TRO network
  • 2017 The CPM Germany GmbH group is acquired by Johann-Hinrich Nagel and all Experiential and PoS promotion activities are bundled in TRO Deutschland GmbH
  • 2019 TRO Deutschland GmbH is renamed WOWing Experience GmbH


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