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WOWing – the art of inspiring, our core business.

Inspiration starts with a good idea, developed by WOWing experts from various disciplines in our inspiring innovation lab. Our goal is to optimise your customer’s journey individually. When creating new concepts we love working in collaboration with our clients.

The innovation lab is the place where ideas are formed. Equipped with an inspiring creativity-promoting environment and the necessary technical equipment, our WOWing experts profit from the much-needed freedom this lab provides to develop innovative concepts. The only relevant question is: How to be WOWing?



Effectively activated Let's go live!

We bring brands and products to life – by implementing creative and outstanding experiences.

Whether press events for a small crowd of journalists or a gala evening with a larger number of guests - we conceptualise, plan and implement.

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POS und POI Promotion
We spotlight brands and products precisely where the willingness to buy is the strongest. Our staff is carefully selected, trained and supervised throughout the promotion period.

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Pop-up Formats
Pop-up formats invite your consumers to dive fully into a world of inspiration and brand experiences, using all their senses. This is where we create long-lasting experiences, which provide a basis for online amplification and therefore reach.

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Whether through extraordinary visual merchandising, a perfect shop opening or an unforgettable shopping night. We make shopping an experience.


Sales Training
We design creative and innovative training concepts to strengthen brands in retail. The sales staff gets to know product and brand in an interactive way and is trained specifically to complete the sale.

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Let's get better


We monitor all our activities with our innovative reporting systems from start to finish.

This enables us to identify optimisation potential to increase the efficiency of our activities.

Digital System Solutions

From guest management tools to customer journey tracking in pop-up stores: In collaboration with our IT specialists, we develop customised solutions to track your consumer activity.

  • Guest Management Tools 
  • Customer Journey Tracking (Pop-up stores)


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