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Sales Trainings

Trainings for emotional commitment

When the sales staff become brand fans

The stationary retail has vital advantages in the age of online retail:
the interaction of sales staff with consumers, and the opportunity to test products live and in colour.

There are products that don't need any explanation. On the other hand, there are those that can only be understood following intensive, high-quality advice provided to the consumer by a salesperson and are not bought until then. Here the salesperson not only needs to be familiar with the technical features and product benefits, but also deeply convinced of the product and the brand that is to be sold.

One of the aims of sales training is thus to communicate product knowledge and information to the sales staff and turn them into genuine brand and product fans – charging them emotionally, if you like – so that their convictions and product knowledge motivate the consumer to make a purchase. If the consumer can also get an idea of the product for themselves by trying it out as part of the consultation process, the benefits are effectively combined.

WOWing thinks a step further than traditional sales and product trainings: rational facts and product USPs are communicated to the sales staff in a fun and interactive form, e.g. through gamification approaches. This both improves the quality of support given by the salesperson and ties the staff to the brand in the long term.



„We design creative and innovative training concepts to strengthen brands in retail. Innovative training methods help the sales staff get to know the product and brand better over the long term.“

Armin Kröll, Director Concept & Creation bei WOWing

Efficient, effective and motivational concepts

A sales training concept can only be successful if certain parameters are guaranteed:

Does the concept fit the brand? Is the focus put on the stand-out features of the product? Is the concept tailored to the need to explain the product? Does the content appeal to the target group? Is a central or a decentral training concept appropriate? Does the concept deliver enjoyment and motivation and consequently create added value?

These are some of the parameters that we look at closely when drafting a concept. No concept can be copied 1:1, because every brand is unique and has to be communicated accordingly.


WOWing Services

  • Creative development of training ideas and content
  • Development and production of training tools
  • Interactive delivery of training on site
  • Monitoring of training success and further optimisation
  • Recruitment, staffing and management of the training teams
  • Logistics and tour planning
  • Training documents




German Brand Award


Training concepts that inspire


Our innovative sales training concepts also enabled us to convince the jury: we won the German Brand Award 2019 in the "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation" category for our Google Pixel 2 Retail Training Cube project for Google Germany.

Innovative Training Concepts
with Gamifiction Approach

Gamification encompasses the application of typical gaming elements in a non-gaming context. The aim is to elevate monotonous and low-challenge tasks with the primary goal of increasing motivation.

Our training concepts for sales staff seek to deliver precisely this: the focus is always on the fun and interactive element, enabling the salesperson to experience and try out the product and all its features themselves. This high involvement of the sales staff results in greater retention of the product information in the memory.



Be inspired by our success stories.

Qualified Training Staff

Having the right training staff is the most important factor alongside the appropriate concept and is one of our core components. After all, "only if the fire burns in you can you ignite others." This is the maxim by which we recruit trainers who have the decisive character trait of being able to represent your brand and products persuasively and authentically to the sales staff.

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