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Pop-up Formats


Engaging with customers in an extraordinary brand environment

These days manufacturers consistently look for uniqueness and differentiation. Given the constant growth in oversupply and the trend towards market saturation, suppliers have to stand out with unusual campaigns and create exclusive experiences for the consumer landscape. Consumers want to be addressed in new, special and surprising ways. Pop-ups offer innovative solutions for approaching customers.

In that regard, pop-up formats are a particularly suitable means of giving momentum to both sales and image alike. Pop-up formats deliver the necessary brand awareness and bring life to brands. While they may take a wide variety of forms, they have one thing in common – they are temporary, because no sooner do they pop up than they are away again. Their high mobility and flexibility enable them to be positioned exactly where the consumer is and attract them to the brand through an individualised approach.

WOWing knows how to create moments that inspire people. Our pop-up concepts ensure that this encounter becomes a special one wherever brands, people and products come together. We offer our customers a complete package of services covering the conception, planning and delivery of temporary brand experiences.


Why Pop-ups?

That's why pop-ups make sense!

Whether as a stand-alone solution for a small business or part of an extensive marketing campaign for an established brand, whether as a pure brand experience or a product test launch, whether purely to drive sales or as an experiment in alternative shopping models, pop-up formats always stand out from the crowd – which is why they attract attention.

Pop-up formats allow you to go exactly where your customers are.

WOWing concepts provide support when it comes to:

  • increasing brand awareness
  • launching of new products and services
  • brand and product experiences
  • additional sales channel

Target group-specific pop-up concepts for lasting brand experiences

Successful brands go where the customer is. That's why selecting the right location and the right format are such important factors. And that's exactly where WOWing can help.

We develop our concepts to suit your target group and objectives. That allows us to ensure that your pop-up format fits your target group and is positioned in the best possible location.

We develop formats such as pop-up stores, bars, cafés, galleries, exhibitions, cinemas and clubs for locations such as boutiques, malls, pedestrian zones, warehouses and even unconventional venues.





Be inspired by our success stories.


Pop-up Agency Services

The advantage you have when working with WOWing is that it is a one-stop shop for conception, planning and realisation. All relevant parameters are already considered in the planning stage, avoiding differences between the concept and realisation. This holistic approach also ensures that the available budget is employed efficiently, all cost factors are already factored into the overall plan and all organisational aspects such as technical feasibility and approval issues are taken into consideration.

Our pop-up services include the following:

  • Conception, realisation and delivery
  • Location scouting and logistics
  • Legal agreements and consultation
  • Staff recruitment and support
  • Coordination of the project from A to Z



Pop-ups give free rein to creativity. They're about creating unusual experience worlds with surprising elements. So it's not just a matter of copying & pasting standard retail concepts, but rather generating special experiences that will linger long in the memory.


The key is to enable consumers to experience brands and products to a greater extent. The target group must be able to try out products and must be integrated into experience-driven entertainment programmes.


Pop-ups offer creative scope for new or seasonal occasions especially. The limited time the brand is available engenders a subjective perception of its exclusivity and originality.

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