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EKIN Training Program 

Spelling the name of the leading sporting goods manufacturer, Nike, backwards gives the name of the brand ambassador team that was responsible for communicating the benefits of Nike products to sales staff in the retail sector: EKIN. 

For 15 years we ran professional, high-end and emotional sales training courses for all Nike products in the running and football segments on behalf of our client, Nike.

The use of EKINs and the fact that they were firm believers in the products enabled the identification of retailers and the sales staff with Nike products to be enhanced significantly throughout.




Strengthen Nike ‘s position in retail and create an emotional bond between sales staff and Nike.



Support for and management of the consulting and training teams (EKINs) within the DACH region which are responsible for communicating the USPs of Nike products to sales staff in the retail sector.

Conception and creation of fully equipped training vehicles (e.g. modified motorhomes) with the interior furnishings of a Nike store. These allowed product training to be provided right on site, yet a long way from everyday working life and fully immersed in the innovative world of sporting goods manufacturer Nike.





Recruiting & Project Management in the DACH Region
Conception of an innovative Sales Training Format
Concept & Production of fully equipped Nike Training Vehicles
High Identification of the Retail Sector with the Nike Brand



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